1) эк. потребитель; покупатель

ATTRIBUTES: average 2. 1), 2. 2), conventional 2. 2), end 1. 1), final 1. 1), individual 1. 2), industrial 1. 1), а, loyal 1. 1), potential 2. 2), prospective 2. 2), rational 2. 1), reasonable 2. 1), representative 2. 2), n2, target 3. 1), ultimate 2. 2), n1

British consumers are paying much more than their counterparts in mainland Europe for a wide range of goods. — Британские потребители покупают многие товары по значительно более высокой цене, чем потребители материковой Европы.

Our consumers expect products which are not only delicious (and safe) but which have been produced fairly and ethically. — Наши потребители ожидают таких продуктов, которые не только вкусны и безопасны для здоровья, но еще и были произведены надлежащим образом и в согласии с этическими нормами.

beer consumer — потребитель пива

consumer of electricity — потребитель электричества

consumer for heating — потребитель отопления

An average consumer for heating in Turkey uses fuel wood at a rate of 0.75 m3 yr. — Среднестатистический потребитель отопления в Турции использует 0,75 м3 в год древесного топлива.

insurance company consumer — потребитель страховой компании

consumer of telecommunications company — потребитель телекоммуникационной компании

ordinary consumer — обычный (заурядный) потребитель

regional consumer — региональный потребитель

online consumer — потребитель через Интернет

informed consumer — информированный потребитель

average consumer, conventional consumer, disadvantaged consumer, end consumer, end-consumer, fickle consumer, final consumer, green consumers, heat consumer, individual consumer, industrial consumer, interested consumer, intermediate consumer, loyal consumer, manipulated consumer, potential consumer, price-conscious consumer, price-sensitive consumer, prospective consumer, rational consumer, reasonable consumer, representative consumer, savvy consumer, target consumer, ultimate consumer, water consumer, consumer acceptance, consumer account, consumer activist, consumer advertisement, consumer advertising, consumer advisory board, consumer advisory council, consumer advocate, consumer affluence, consumer analysis, consumer anticipations, consumer appeal, consumer attitude, consumer audience, consumer awareness, consumer bank, consumer basket, consumer behaviour, consumer benefit, consumer boom, consumer brochure, consumer budget, consumer business, consumer buying decision, consumer capitalism, consumer choice, consumer clinic, consumer club, consumer commodities, consumer communications, consumer comparison, consumer complaint, consumer confidence, consumer container, consumer cooperation, consumer cooperative, consumer council, consumer credit, consumer culture, consumer debenture, consumer decision making, consumer deficit, consumer delivery, consumer demand, consumer diary, consumer discrimination, consumer durable product, consumer durables, consumer economics, consumer education, consumer effect, consumer electronics, consumer environment, consumer equilibrium, consumer evaluation, consumer expectations, consumer expenditure, consumer favour, consumer feedback, consumer finance company, consumer flow, consumer franchise, consumer fraud, consumer goods, consumer group, consumer guide, consumer habit, consumer impression, consumer income, consumer inertia, consumer information, consumer inquiry, consumer insurance, consumer interest, consumer interview, consumer items, consumer jury, consumer knowledge, consumer language, consumer law, consumer learnings, consumer lease, consumer leasing, consumer legislation, consumer lifestyle, consumer lines, consumer list, consumer loan, consumer lobby, consumer loyalty, consumer magazine, consumer market, consumer marketing, consumer motivation, consumer movement, consumer needs, consumer non-durables, consumer orientation, consumer pack, consumer panel, consumer patronage, consumer perception, consumer personality, consumer policy, consumer population, consumer practice, consumer preferences, consumer premium, consumer pressure, consumer price, consumer products, consumer profile, consumer promotion, consumer properties, consumer protection, consumer psychologist, consumer psychology, consumer publication, consumer purchase, consumer purchaser, consumer rating, consumer reaction, consumer relations, consumer report, consumer research, consumer resistance, consumer response, consumer rights, consumer sale, consumer sales, consumer satisfaction, consumer segment, consumer service, consumer services, consumer setting, consumer shopping, consumer society, consumer sophistication, consumer sovereignty, consumer spending, consumer spendings, consumer study, consumer surplus, consumer survey, consumer tastes, consumer trade practices, consumer trends, consumer use tests, consumer utility, consumer valuation, consumer value, consumer vulnerability, consumer warranty, consumer waste, consumer wealth, consumer welfare, consumer's account, consumers' attitude, consumer's choice, consumer's cooperative, consumer's demand, consumers expenditure, consumer's goods, consumer's indifference curve, consumers market, consumers' market, consumers' panel, consumer's point, consumers' preference, consumers' remedy, consumer's surplus, consumers' surplus, consumer's test, consumer's wants, cost to consumer, price to consumer COMBS: business to consumer, business-to-consumer, business-to-consumer firm, competition for the consumer's dollar, Consumer Credit Act 1974, Consumer Credit Protection Act, Consumer Goods Pricing Act, Consumer Magazine and Agri-Media Rates and Data, Consumer Product Safety Act, Consumer Products Warranties Act, Consumer Protection Act 1961, Consumer Protection Act 1971, Consumer Reports, Consumer Safety Act 1978, Department of Banking and Consumer Finance v. Clarke, Ethical Consumer, Farmer-to-Consumer Direct Marketing Act, Home Equity Loan Consumer Protection Act, Telephone Consumer Protection Act 1991, Uniform Consumer Credit Code, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Consumer Bankers Association, consumer confidence, consumer expenditure
2) биол., эк. прир. консумент (организм, который потребляет другие организмы; выделяют первичные, вторичные и третичные консументы)

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потребитель: лицо, которое в конечном итоге пользуется данным товаром или услугой (это не всегда покупатель).
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